Indira Cricket Club

Indira Cricket Club is a cricket tournament where we will organize different turnaments such as T10 Match, T20 Match etc.

In this Tournament the end users can register for any matches and receive notices from the management. The managerial functions are carried out by the Admin. Admin can approve the teams done by end users, send notices to the teams members.

Name: Ganesh Ram Chauhan

Mo.No.: 6263960177

Class: PGDCA

Address: Rahod, Chhattisgarh

Name: Ravi Kumar Sriwash

Mo.No.: 0000000000

Class: PGDCA

Address: Rahod, Chhattisgarh


Matches Starting Date Entry Fees
 T10 Match 2019-02-01 150
 T20 Match 2019-02-10 250
 E8 Match 2019-02-25 120

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