Hackers Search Engine | How to Use Shodan?

Sometimes, we do not have a specific target in our mind, but rather we are simply looking for vulnerable and easy-to-hack targets anywhere on the Internet. Wouldn’t be great if we had a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo that could help us find these targets? Well, we do, and it’s called Shodan!

Home Page of Shodan Search Engine

What Is Shodan?

Shodan is a search engine for hackers. Well, Shodan is a Search Engine like Google, Bing that allows users to search for internet-connected devices such as Servers, Buildings, the Web, Webcams, Refrigerators, Power Plants etc.

Shodan was developed by John Matherly in 2009, and unlike other search engines like Google, it looks for specific information that can be invaluable to hackers.

How to Use Shodan?

Well, the use of Shodan is very similar to other search engines but you have to search your terms with some pre defined keywords like OS: for operating systems, title for any titles. For example, title:’hacked by’.

How to create an account on Shodan?

To create an account on Shodan, you just need an Email or Gmail address but you can also login into Shodan by using your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

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These are some simple steps to create an account on Shodan:

Step 1: Open your favorite browser and search for www.shodan.io

Step 2: Now, click on Login or Register button at the right top of your browser window.

Login or Register

Step 3: Select, Google or Social account to login. (I’m using Google to login).

Login with Shodan

Step 4: In the case of Google, Choose your existing Gmail account or click on Use another account.

Step 5: Enter your login credentials such as mail id and password and click, Next.

Now you will be automatically redirected to Shodan Home page.

Services provided by Shodan search engine?

  • Shodan Search – To search for the Internet of Things
  • Maps – Map interface to search the Shodan database
  • Images search– A stream of screenshots from crawled devices
  • Exploits search – Search across a variety of vulnerability databases at once.
  • Plugins Support – Chrome and Firefox plugin
  • Shodan CLI – for command line surfing
  • Map of the Internet – To check all the currently connected devices to the Internet in a map
  • Shodan 3D – It displays all the result in 3D view etc.
  • Honeypot or Not – Whether the system is honeypot or real system


» We want to search all the Windows 10 operating system connected to the internet in India. Type the following command:
OS:'Windows 10' country:'IN'

» We want to search all the Hacked systems or websites hacked by any hacker or attacker in the US. Type the following command:
title:'hacked by' country:'US'

» We want to search all the websites that have admin as username and password in the US. Type the following command:
admin/admin country:'US'

There are the commonly used filters:

  • country:string, country code like US, PK, FR, IN etc
  • city:string, having the name of the city
  • ip:string, containing the IP address
  • os:string, operating system
  • product:string, name of software
  • port:integer, port to search on
  • geo:comma-seperated string, longitude and lattitude
  • version:string,version of a product

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