How to Leverage the Gig Economy?

Part-timers. Side hustlers. Freelancers. Independent contractors. Collectively, they form what’s often referred to as the “gig economy,” comprised of 57 million American workers. While the gig economy today contains 36% of employees, it is expected to grow to 43% by next year. The shift away from traditional workplaces may be due to the increasing desire for flexible work, as one-third of the world’s professionals say maintaining a work-life balance is becoming more difficult.

Technology is a big enabler of this kind of freelance work. With the rise of apps and websites like Uber, Instacart, and Etsy, you can work from anywhere if you have a working phone. It’s never been easier to be your own boss from the comfort of your home, car, or coffee shop.

If you’re considering entering the gig economy or taking on some side hustles of your own, keep in mind that there are things that a company normally would provide that you now must take care of yourself. Take a few steps to stay on top financial matters such as taxes to ensure your credit won’t be damaged. Stay self-motivated to maximize your productivity.

This infographic from Self Lender provides tips on leveraging the gig economy and goes over the top five highest-paying tech gig jobs.

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