What is OCR, OMR, and MICR? | Uses of OCR, OMR, and MICR?

What is Mark and Character Recognition Devices?

Mark and Character Recognition Devices are input devices and used to read information printed on paper.

These Mark and Character Recognition Devices convert this information into a digital form that can be processed by the computer.

Some Important Devices are:

» OCR,
» OMR.

What is OCR, OMR, and MICR?


  • MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Reader.
  • These devices are used to read text printed with magnetized ink.
  • Iron Oxide is used with this magnetized ink.
  • It is used by the bank for check processing.
  • Each check contains MICR character at Lower left edge.
  • These MICR characters are the numeric number of length 9.
  • These numbers are divided into 3 parts:
    • First 3 represents City Code,
    • Next 3 represents Bank Code, and
    • Last 3 represents Branch code.
  • These MICR characters represent check number, bank number, and account number.
Bank Check with MICR code
MICR Scanner Device

» OCR:

  • OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.
  • It reads printed character in particular font and converts them into digital code.
  • OCR devices use a small Optical Scanner to read characters.
  • OCR character appear on utility bills and price tags in departmental stores.
  • OCR are generally used for scanning the digital images, human hand writings and converts these into digital documents.

» OMR:

  • OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition.
  • It is also known as Mark Sensing device.
  • These devices use a light beam to Read Data.
  • The Data is converted into Digital Signals.
  • These signals are then sent to the computer for further processing.
  • The OMR is generally used for collecting data from “fill-in-the-bubble” forms such as educational tests, surveys, assessments, evaluations, and many other multiple choice forms etc.
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